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Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Today we finally received the Ella’s Kitchen products to review! Oh my God! I really didn’t expect to receive so many! I don’t know if i ever said that before but my daughter loves them! Especially the fruit smoothies! I like them too! If you could see boogie’s reaction when she saw what it was in the box!

Kara went through the whole box – one by one – and every time she was saying “Nice”!
She chose The purple One Smoothie Fruit and absolutely devoured it! ?See what is left of it:

It was funny and lovely to see at the same time she absolutely loved the smoothie!
I am looking forward to try the other products as well especially because we never tried before the rice, pasta or the sauces!
So watch this space!!!!

Author: Otilia

Otilia - mother of two beautiful bilingual girls and wife of one Yorkshire man she fell in love with 10 years ago.

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