Like twins

Anybody that knows both my girls says how much they look like each other.
Actually it’s quite amazing!
My husband says that they are like twins born 3 years apart :-)
Here are some pictures with both of them:

What do you think? Anastasia’s face is definitely longer but their eyes are so much the same.

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Author: Otilia

Otilia - mother of two beautiful bilingual girls and wife of one Yorkshire man she fell in love with 10 years ago.

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  1. They do look very similar! Peas in a pod – beautiful like their mum x

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  2. Wow so true its the same with my son and daughther the look so much alike that I sometimes call her Angelina lol, that said the neither of them look like me… they are all dad, I must love him so much I feel the need to reproduce him :0)

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