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I love PINK!!!

Nope! Not the colour! The singer! I just love how her voice sounds, the tone of her voice and everything she does! Do i sound like i teenager? Well i am not but still had to tell you that i love her and these days i just can’t get enough of her songs!

I have all her albums – on a CD not downloaded. Hubby tried to make me sell them but i just can’t say goodbye to them.

These days i am listening two of her latest songs the most: “Try” and “Just give me a reason”. I feel like i am living every single note and word she sings.

It is probably also because i am alone (without hubby) with the girls at the moment and i feel a bit lots…confused and unsure of how i want my life to continue….

Here are the videos from you tube:

Enjoy and hope you like them as much as i like them.

In other news as today is Monday is means that is time for the Parenting Pin-It Party. This week the linky is hosted on the The fairy and the frog blog. So pop over to check last weeks favorites and link any parenting related post, old or new: craft, cookery,advice,anything parenting related.

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Otilia - mother of two beautiful bilingual girls and wife of one Yorkshire man she fell in love with 10 years ago.

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