Being a parent is one of the hardest and most beautiful jobs in the whole world.  Plus very rewarding let’s not forget. Seeing your child smile and thrive is what we all work for let’s face it.

However, ever since you tell people about your good news “We are going to have a baby!” the questions start pouring!

“Did you decide what you going to do? Are you going to try and give birth naturally or just book for a caesarean?”

“Home birth, water birth or hospital?”

“Are you going to breastfeed or bottle-feed?”

“What type of nappies you want to use disposable or not?”

You don’t even have time to say…”Hold on! I am only 6 weeks pregnant!”

I remembered that I felt really overwhelmed by all this questions with my first. Thankfully with my second I learnt how to avoid all this questions or simply say that I will wait and see.

Since when having a child and giving birth has become such a programmed task? When did things change?

Contrary to my will I gave birth two my daughters through caesarean section. God knows I try hard to give birth naturally but after 44 hours with my first and 33 hours with my second the midwives, doctor and myself gave up. I wanted so much to give birth in water but it didn’t happen…apparently I am one of those women that just would not dilate…

But I can’t stop wondering that if I was living in a different era if it would be the same? Before the Caesarean section was ever performed. I tend to think that probably my chances to give birth naturally were a lot higher.

During World Breastfeeding Week(1-7 august), Benenden carried out a survey in order to determine people attitudes towards breastfeeding. One of the results of the survey was that when it comes to breastfeeding in public 1 in 5 women suffers of negativity. This doesn’t surprise me at all because I remember that with my first the fear of breastfeeding in public stopped me to go out in the first 3-4 months of my daughters life.

Following the survey, Benenden Health have put together an infographic about the evolution of parenthood – very interesting to read so I invite you all to read it up and reflect at the changes and wonder yourself how different life will be if you were living 100 years ago.


The evolution of parenthood timeline

Parenthood timeline Infographic by benenden health

So what do you think?

The most surprising fact for me is that the first disposable nappy was invented in 1947 although I know for sure that my mum used folded little sheets for both myself and my sister. It might be the fact that we lived in Ceausescu time and things like this were not so accessible but than I remember that I was about 11 when the boom of the disposable nappies started in my country too!

The breastfeeding in public survey results are shocking and I wish it was not the case. Fortunately mums are now fighting for their right to breastfeed in public. After all is a natural thing to do when you baby is hungry. Do you know that if you are breastfeeding in public in my hometown you are compared to a gipsy? I think this is outrageous!

I am just hoping that when my girls will become mothers things will be very different.

Disclosure:This post was brought to you in association with Benenden.  




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