Tin Snowman Craft and 30 Christmas Ornaments

Tin Snowman Craft and 30 Christmas Ornaments

We are getting close to Christmas now and I can’t believe is like less than two months away. Time is passing fast when you are busy I guess.

My girls favourite activity in the cold days of autumn or winter is to do crafts with their mother. They know as well as me that I am not the most inspired when it comes to it but I am lucky as they don’t upset. They know that mummy can get inspired easily from the books she already owns from her good friend Maggy Woodley – Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids and the new ebook 30 Christmas Ornaments and from her online site – Red Ted Art.

Maggy and her work have been an immense source of inspiration even before I started blogging. Every time my girls say: “Mummy can we do crafting today?” my first thought is ok…you have a look here and let me know what you would like to do.

This year Christmas crafting sessions started with this Tin Snowman:

Tin Snowman Craft

The idea came because I was sick of seeing that old shoe box filled with pencils constantly on the table. Because of this new pencil holder now the pencils are sitting a lot tidier despite being on the dining table constantly.


  • tin – washed and without the label
  • white knitting wool
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • red, orange, black felt-tip pens


  • put the white wool all around the tin holding it tight so its snug around the tin
  • using the glue gun secure the wool to the tin
  • use the felt pens to draw eyes, nose, mouth and buttons for the snowman


We have lots of other crafts to be published here and some more we’ve done over the years but if you want to truly be inspired than you need to put your hands/eyes on Maggy’s new book:

30 Delightful Christmas Ornaments

As you can see from the title this fabulous ebook contains 30 of the best Christmas Ornaments crafts. They are organised into:

  • 10 Preschooler Ornaments – designed for independent working
  • 10 School Kids Ornaments – great for small groups
  • and 10 “Big Kids” Ornaments – for a grown up evening or for working on with your kids

You can have all for only $7.99 and even if you are away from the internet during the holiday season you will still have access to the best Christmas crafts brand Red Ted Art.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating memories today!




What’s even more cool about this book is that each project is explained on one page – which makes it into a great printable worksheet for the home or school!

Christmas Ornaments Book

Now I really need to start creating our own ornaments for the coming Christmas season! I bet the girls would love making some felt stars and the heart ornaments.

We’ve also done some stars with popsicles but they are not quite ready so this is why I didn’t include them in this post. But here is a sneaky preview:


Also why not check out some other Christmas crafts we’ve done over the years?

           {This post contains affiliate links}

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