I really missed looking back at my siblings/sisters posts at the end of last year. Half way through 2016 I simple stopped posting pictures with my girls and reviewing their month.

So this year i promised myself i will start doing it again, continue to record their life as I started years ago after my eldest was born.

Kara is now almost 8 – 7 years and 10 months to be more exact and Anastasia is 4 years and 1 month and believe it or not we are still live in my hometown. I can’t believe there are almost 4 years since we moved back home.

I am happy to say that they are both pretty much bilingual and although I am trying not to speak too much in English with them they continue to learn more and more. It’s somehow unbelievable for many that my youngest, although she moved here when she was only 5 months old, she knows so much english and she is so cursive and she totally manages to have a full conversation with her daddy.

Although at the beginning I had some resistance from Kara when it came to reading and learning how to write in English she is slowly starting to be more interested. She didn’t start reading a full book but she reads anything she can find in english and i know this is a good step in the right direction? Did I tell you she is actually going to english lessons with some of her friends too? I know pretty ridiculous when I could teach her at home…but hey…sometimes we have to give in and do what children want, don’t we? (My english is not perfect, I know but…I could still teach her for free. After all I do have TEFL diploma.)

They both enjoy school and nursery a lot and they love sharing what they are learning too. More than I ever wanted when I was their age. I guess the way their teachers teach them is very different now…and not as rigorous as it used to be. So…no wonder they enjoy it so much!

I am so impressed of Kara’s development too. Considering that she knew so little romanian when she moved here she is in the top of her class and her grades are really really good! She’s a gentle, kind person that will never upset anybody with intention. I am scared , so scared that she will suffer because of it later on. I mean she already suffer as some of her colleagues, so called “friends” can be so mean. So mean at only 7-8 years old. It’s so hard to see her sad…when she has an upset because of her friends…

My youngest, Anastasia, she is at the opposite poll. So strong minded and rebellious. She is almost always gets what she wants. She knows how to talk you into it, despite being so little. But even for her life started to show the bad side…she suffers so much when she has an argument with her cousin or her friends at nursery. Every now and then she comes home and says: “Mummy, (name) said she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore….”.

I always cuddle them and try and be compassionate and explain that these things will pass and they will soon be friends with that certain friend again…But deep inside my soul I know that this is only the beginning. Later will be even more difficult…

My beautiful baby girls are growing so fast…

They will always be my most precious treasure.

Us…on our holiday this winter


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