I am HERE. And it feels like I’ll always be HERE. For you. For them. For the others.

Sometimes it feels that I’m not HERE for me.

Although I know I’m happy, the way I change every day scares me.

I’m growing. Older with each day. And I’m not special.

I thought I was that special person for you.

But the days, months and years are passing as fast as the leaves are thrown in the air by the wind.

And with each passing day. I’m losing my trust in your words.

I’m HERE. And I’ll always be for them. But I wonder how long I’ll be HERE for you…

Tonight I found some more white hair between my brown locks of hair. I’m getting old.

And I feel like the path I’m on might not be the BEST for me.

But I’m HERE. At least for a while. And when it matters.

Hurry up!

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