Why nobody told me how hard it is to be an adult?

The hardest part of this whole adult thing is taking decisions. As a Libra I always found it very difficult to choose the right things for myself.

Making decisions and choosing for my kids though has been THE hardest thing ever.

I always wonder…is it the right thing to do?

The decisions I’m making as their parent now will affect them for the rest of their adult life…forever…

It’s a real burden and I always analyze the situation hundreds of time before going for it.

My kids opinion counts the most though. My girls always have their deciding vote.

I could never go against their wishes or force them to do something they didn’t want like…I don’t know piano or ballet.

My eldest loves both but my youngest doesn’t even want to hear about going to ballet for example. At least not yet…

Bigger decisions like going to school are the hardest though. I mean…I have lots of questions and worries. And as a single married mother of two for more than 90% of the time…I have to carry this burden myself…

Am I smart enough to choose well for my daughters?

Am I doing enough to ensure they have the right tools to thrive through life?

Oh man…I wish it was easier to make choices and take decisions for my girls.

Why do I have so many doubts? Is it because I am a libra or simply the fact that I am a woman makes me weaker?

What do you do as a mum, as a person to make sure that the choices you make are the right ones for your children?


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