Home sick

Home sick..really home sick! i miss my mum and dad and my lil’ sister! i just miss sitting down in the kitchen around the table while my mum is cooking and just chat! i even miss the little arguments we use to have…i just want to be there so much! i don’t know if i want to feel like a kid again but it will be great just being a little closer to each other. who knew that the 4 of us we’ll be so scattered around the world? well mum and dad are still in Romania, but my lil’ sis’ is in Italy at the moment trying out a new job and life! i am in London, England married and i have my own family here. i have the best husband in the world and the most beautiful daughter ever! But it will be so good if we could be a little bit closer to my parents and my sis. i mean you know chatting with your husband about things and life is not the same as chatting with your mum or sis. Women can understand things differently!
All i can do when i am home sick is to call them on phone or via Skype! at least via Skype i can see them a little bit.
i know my life is here now and i should be concentrated on my own family but i just can’t help it sometimes. And it happends now and i felt like writing here about it….
i know i’m not very good at writing but i am trying!
see you later!

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