Sad and lonely

Winter…Very sad and lonely…do i always feel like this just before Christmas?!?!? I have family around but still. My daughter is wonderful and she can only bring a big smile on my face and i do love her to bits! So why i am so pathetic? Maybe is because i don’t really have a real friend around?!? i have nobody to talk to about my feelings and my thoughts. Everybody seems to be so judgemental around here…and because of that i prefer to keep it in myself. It is so hard! the only person i can really talk to is my husband but he is a guy and it’s just not the same. And most of the times he just can’t understand….
I feel so sad and unhappy! i know that i should be happy with what i my mum use to say ” other people are starving out there”!
Sometimes i feel like i can’t breathe…like there is no air out there for me. Why do i feel like this? why you can never find better friends that the one you have since you were a kid? Why everybody needs to judge everything you say or do?
i am going to stop here because i am not sure what i am going to write next…

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