Winter in London

It’s snowing in London! It’s snowing and all goes to a still! What is this all about? Disruptions everywhere – roads,airports and trains! It took some of my friends between 4 – 6 hours to get home! Incredible! I am amazed that in a country like England something like this can happen. Schools are closed and nurseries are closed and parents are stuck at home as well. I was expecting a different reaction this year!

i am stuck at home as well with my daughter! Trying to work at the same time with taking care of my daughter is a challenge! thankfully she is a good girl and she is playing quietly so that mummy can work and blog!

Hopefully tomorrow will be different as i really need to get to work!

At least if i had a sledge i would’ve take my daughter out in the snow! But…i don’t so is pointless! She is too young to really enjoy the snow and it is so cold as well!

If i go out a bit later i might share some pictures with you!

I wonder how Romanians would react to this. i mean i know how they will react!You will have no excuses to not go to work or to close the nurseries and schools! The only time when that happen was when i was really young and when the snow was so high you couldn’t even open the door of your house! So yes a lot worse that is right now in London!

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