Cry in the dark

 “Cry in the dark” with Meryl Streep ! I watched it last night and i was so impressed! It make me feel sad because of the story and impressed on Meryl Streep performance. I am so sorry i missed on the opportunity to watch this movie until now when i am in my 30’s. Probably it was better because i can understand it more though… I highly recommend it to all the women out there and especially to all the mums.
Even though the implications of the religion were quite high i still enjoyed this movie. I know that there are a lot of people out there that have faith in God more than i do. I grow up in quite a religious family. I mean my grandmother use to go and take me to the church every Friday and Sunday and i used to pray every evening to someone up there in the sky. I don’t do that anymore…. Not sure why and how i changed…Maybe is because my husband doesn’t really believe in religion? I do believe in a greater power but i am not sure if the name of this greater power is “God” or just “Mother Nature”!
Oopss! I was trying to talk about the movie and i started moving on to religion?!? Ok.
Yes i am very impressed with the movie and i learned a few lessons as well. The way the couple stuck with each other even through all the struggles of life is very impressive. Most of couples would split. Especially because she goes to prison for like 5 years. What i didn’t mention is the fact that the story of the movie is true. The whole story is true and it did happen in Australia. You can find details about it all over the Internet under Azaria Chamberlain  story. The little baby only of 9 weeks was snatched by a dingo from her parents tent and died very soon after that. You can find more about the story on this link
Please watch this movie. It is amazing and there are no other words to describe anymore…..

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