Ella’s Kitchen New Stage 1 fruit + baby rice

   Another fantastic product from Ella’s Kitchen! My daughter absolutely loves them. I think she likes them even more than the normal ones without rice. I tried a bit of it as well even though my daughter wasn’t very happy about it!

Kara tried out 3 of the fruit + rice packets:

  • pears , apples + baby rice
  • blueberry ‘n’ pear baby brekkie
  • banana , apricots + baby rice

My daughter absolutely devoured them and we we went to the supermarket this weekend we had to buy some more! She is so happy every time she drinks one of the Ella’s Kitchen smoothies! And if she is happy mummy and daddy are happy too!
Even if she is like almost 2 years old these smoothies are good for every age! My husband and I enjoy them too!
Please visit Ella’s Kitchen website for more information about these fantastic organic products:


And don’t forget! If you want to see your baby smile – Give him/her a Ella’s Kitchen smoothie!
You can even buy them on Amazon and they arrive straight at your door with no fuss!


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