My Carry Potty Review

This potty promises to be the toddler best friend and help them with the transition from a nappy to a real toilet. Unfortunately my daughter likes to play with it but when it comes to use it for other reasons she just don’t seem interested! She is almost two at the moment but i guess she is not ready to be potty trained ??
She uses as a bag at the moment and she even put some water in it and try to wash one of her teddies! I am a bit disappointed because i was really hoping that this potty will help me and her to get rid of the damn nappies!
I think the potty is a really good idea because you can use it at home but you can take it away as well when you travel. I am already fantasising how nice will be to use it while camping!
The Internet is full of reviews for this potty:

It even has a web page where you can find more details about how you can use it and where: and if you would like to chat with mums that used it for their children you can go to their facebook page
There are a few other mummy bloggers that engaged in reviewing this potty and you can find what they say about it on the links below:
I seem to agree with Mellow mummy and i have to say that i will have to re-visit the idea of my carry potty training or the whole idea of potty training anyway.
One of the good things about this potty ( besides the nice colour) is the fact that is leak free! I discover that when my daughter put water in it and at her request i had to close it. This will be really useful as soon as we will actually start to use it!
If you are convinced please go on and buy it from amazon where it seems to be cheaper. You can find a link on the right site of my blog!
For now though…wish you all a lovely week!
So long peeps!

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