Tips on how to calm

Tips on how to calm your toddler

Just read about this recently and thought i should share it with you. I am going through this at the moment and it is really difficult!

Tantrums and how parents survive them?!?!?


They say it works…The plan is to distract your toddler whenever they throw a tantrum by removing them from the situation and making them look at something else.

Using humour is a positive distraction technique. Making your child laugh not only distracts them, but lightens the mood for both of you.

An instant way to calm your child is to sit and read with them. Young children are easily absorbed and switch off from their surroundings and the source of the tantrum. This is a great solution for calming your toddler when a lot is going on around them.


For some toddlers the more tired they get the louder and naughtier they become. A mid-afternoon nap may be all your child needs to restore good behaviour and help them feel less irritable.

Have a system in place

If you set up a ‘naughty step’ system, each time your child throws a tantrum you can send them there. The troublesome toddler should be told that they are only allowed to leave the naughty step when they have calmed down.

Let them sit there alone and have a good cry or scream. This gets it out of their system and soon enough they will want to interact with others or play with their toys again. To do this they’ll know that they have to calm themselves down and become human once again.

Reward good behaviour with gold stars on a wall chart or with other treats. If you have this system in place then it won’t sound like bribery when you offer your toddler a treat if they calm down.


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