My TWO MUMS…my mum and my grandmother – “mamaia” in Romanian. Two wonderful women that always gave me their love and not only…I love my mum a lot and I still miss my grandmother… my grandmother Milica … she left this world 3 years ago… It’s still so unbelievable…I will always think of her I always think of what she will say and how proud she will be… I will always regret I didn’t get to say goodbye….my heart hurts…

I will always regret that she didn’t get to meet my daughter Kara. She would’ve loved her! And my daughter would’ve loved my “mamaia”…

My mum suffered so much when mamaia died… bless her …she is so ill…she was discovered with Multiple Sclerosis almost 10 years ago. She is well now even though she gets tired really fast… When my mamaia left…everybody was so surprised because all happened so sudden. I always thought that she is going to live forever and give us all strength. She was the centre of our life. I grow up at my grandmother house until I was 7 years old…but even after during school holidays I always wanted to go and spend time with her… I always felt good just laying my head in her lap…she used to caress my hair and we were both listen traditional Romanian music… she loved it and sometimes she used to have tears in her eyes… you see those traditional song have really deep words….
She teach me good manners and how to be respectuos to older people. She used to take me every week to the church and she teach me how to pray…She was a very religious woman…

My mum became more religious and started to respect various rules after my mamaia passed away….probably in respect for my grandma….

For mamaia kids and family were the most important thing in her life… For my mum family is… she always said that kids will go far away when they grow up so she will stay with her husband… she is right..I am in England and my sister in Italy… So she always tried to have a good relationship with my dad and respect his wishes even that maybe sometimes he wasn’t right about certain things… I have to say that sometimes I did feel left out…but I still love her to bits!!!

Despite her MS she is a very young mum! She was born in 1959 so she is only 52 years old! She is so funny sometimes! I can talk to her about anything and everything…and sometimes she tells me intimate things that I don’t really need to know…haha… She always gives me a good advice and even though sometimes I tell her she is not right I know she is. She teaches me how to be a good wife and respect and appreciate my husband.

Love you both so much and because of you two I am what I am today. I am a good mum because of you!!!

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