Potty training or not?!?!?

Hm..this is a mistery still for me. Is my daughter ready?Am i ready? I don’t think i am ready to let go to my baby daughter yet. My baby daughter for which i still need to change nappies for and some times chase through the house because she doesn’t want to take her dirty nappy off!

We have a few potties around the house but she’s treating them like toys at the moment. She puts toys in one of them and carries them around…it is funny you know….But i am worried at the same time. She is almost 27 months now and until now she only sat on a potty while fully dressed. It is true that i never wanted to push her either and the advice of most of the child experts say that you should wait until you and the toddler are both ready.

For example Gina Ford says that you shouldn’t start potty training if your child does not show all the signs below:

1. He is over 18 months of age – yes

2. The nappy is frequently dry when the child gets up from his lunchtime nap – yes and no with most of the times it is not!

3. The child is aware when he is doing a poo ex. going very quite and showing signs of concentration or points out to his nappy – yes she is aware that she is doing a poo but sometimes i think she is embaressed and she just doesn’t want us to change her nappy!

4. He can understand and follow simple instructions like go and fetch your red ball or put a toy in the box – yes but mostly at nursery maybe 2 times out of 5 she will put on a fight and only get it down after tantrums and naughty step/room.

5. He is eager to participate in taking off his own clothes shoes, socks , shorts and understand what pulling his shorts up and down means- yes but only to one part opf this so what should i do?!?!

6. Can point to different parts of his body when you name them – tummy button , nose – yes she is very good at this and she can point her bum as well!

7. He has the ability to sit still and occupy himself or concentrate for five to ten minutes with a toy,book or watching a cartoon – yes and yes if she is watching a cartoon you can’t really distract her; but what do i do? everytime she sits on the potty should i put on a cartoon?!?!

I am really confused. Should i listen or not to all the expert advices or should i go by what the nursery and my parents say and go and try it?!?!
I am afraid that if the experience it will be bad for my daughter she might never try it again or get scared of the whole concept? But how long should i wait for? What is the accepted age? As far as i know if the start nursery school they need to be fully potty trained.
I would love if anybody that reads this blog could give me an advice.
I will keep you updated however…
Have a nice week!

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