Garsons Farm – PYO & Family Fun

I have something really nice to share with you. On saturday we went to PYO Farm! Yes i didn’t think that something like this exist in UK! It was so lovely! Boogie absolutely loved it.

I recommend everyone with kids to go. My daughter loved walking through the trees and picking fruits and put them to her basket. She was so funny! We were not supposed to eat the fruits but really how can i stop my child. She was ravashing the rasberries and by the time we went to pay she was covered in juices!

So for everybody that doesn’t know and for my friends around the globe a PYO farm – is a farm that can have fruits or vegetables or both where you can go , pick your own products and pay at the end. The products are a bit more cheaper that in shops and you can teach your kids that fruits and vegetables are coming from the trees or soil.

If you would like to visit this farm you can find more details here

We went to the Esher Farm. They have everything there even a cafe and a shop where you can buy organic stuff.

Unfortunately we didn’t take pictures because we didn’t have the camera with us.. But when we got home i took some pictures with the fruits that we harvested.

Really nice and the whole family had fun!

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