Low Calorie Snacks

No matter how much i try and to tell the truth quite often i just quit i don’t seem to lose weight as much as i wish i could!

I am going to start this talk about dieting with a few tips about low calorie snacks. This is where i hit the worse! I eat healthy and little during my mealtimes but when it comes to snacking i fail. I believe that if I will try to keep the bad calorie foods or at least minimize them combined with exercise i will be able to loose weight soon…Maybe…

So here are 10 low calorie snacks that i enjoy eating:

1. One medium corn on the comb with seasoning -this has only 100 calories(just make sure it’s medium)

2. 2tbsp of low calorie houmus with 1/2 a carrot – yummy! it will be difficult to eat only 2 tbsp

3. Gherkins or pickled cucumbers – only 30 calories per 227 gr jar – yes this is fantastic isn’t it?

4. 16 strawberries for only 58 calories – i know i think they will be better with cream but think about the goal

5. One hard boiled egg – 78 calories – i know is not very exciting for everybody…

6. 20 olives – 68 calories – oh how much i love them!

7. One medium size apple – 100 calories – i just love the green and crunchy ones!

8. 6 dried appricots – 100 calories – i start eating them when i was weaning my daughter and since them they are one of my favorite snacks

9. Two satsumas – only 42 calories and they are so sweet

and finally something trully sweet for a change…

10. One mini Toblerone – 21 calories

That’s it for now but i promise i will add more trully sweet snacks to this list! If you would like please add to this list by writing a post on your own blog or by writing down a comment!

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