Potty Training Off the table

Yes for now for at least another month or so potty training is off the table for my lil’ daughter! She is just not prepared i guess or i am too weak to actually do it with her. Maybe the fact that i am working has something to do with it as well?!?! At nursery they are saying that she will come around at some point… Well she was sitting on the toilet and potty but not doing anything for around two weeks or so.. Then she started saying that she doesn’t want poo poo so she is now refusing to sit on it altogether!
Probably i should push her but i just don’t think this is the solution. I just think she just need a bit more time… We tried Gina Ford induction period with a chart and stars. She sometimes listens and goes with it and other days she is like a little monster that refuses to do anything…
I mean is that so bad? She is only 28 months (not yet actually) but the fact that i am not with her all the time makes it more difficult.
I am sure that other parents are going through it but around me all my friends already potty trained their kids(same age as Kara) and i feel like i am not a good enough mum for not succeeding…
Oh well…will re-visit this chapter later and on and maybe is exactly like with walking. She will be a bit later than others. But every child is different so…..that’s it for now….

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