Scary morning

   Oh my God i was sooo scared this morning! As soon as i got to work my daughter’s nursery called to let me know that boogie’s been having around 6 loose stools in around half an hour and that she has fever as well.
You can imagine i felt like i wanted to fly to nursery in my daughters help! My hubby came to pick me up so we got to the nursery quick. When i got there my poor baby was sitting down and crying as her little belly was hurting. Her caretaker Eva was sitting next to her caring for my baby! I felt jealous as i wasn’t the one taking care of my own daughter but really grateful for how lucky i am with such a nice carer. Boogie loves her so much! And she loves boogie! Just before we left the nursery boogie had another episode..Bless her little soul…
With loads of nappies and changes of clothes we drove to the hospital. Our GP as usual was way to busy and couldn’t take an emergency appointment with us so we had to go at A&E! As soon as we got there though they told us that we should’ve waited a little bit longer before coming in. Why is it so hard to understand that when you have 2 year old and she is ill it is really difficult to wait patiently while she is getting better. In the end they agree to see us as boogie started to crunch as another episode was on it’s way…..
While waiting she had only another one and the doctor assure us that all signs show that is just a bug- gastroenteritis- and that it might take up to a week to recover. But..if we notice any other signs like bad dehydration or a rash to go back to them.
I think that in the end was ok to go to A&E and check it out! At least like this i can be assured that my baby girl is well.
Besides the fact that she is ill i can’t take her to the nursery for 48 hours from the moment she had her last loose stool…So this means that me or my husband will have to be at home and care for our daughter because we have no family with us. Some very lovely and probably unpaid time.
All this for something as stupid as diarhorea!!! The reason i was scared for was the fact that this can be a sign of meningitis.
I can tell you not to worry if something like this happends to you but if you are like me you will definately worry and nobody can blame you for loving your baby!!!
If you have kids you worry and if they are sick you will worry even more!

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