Take That Concert – Me and my sister

Fantastic! The concert was absolutely fantastic! and not only Take That but Pet Shop Boys as well! What a show and plus amazing songs!

I can honestly say that it was worth it! I’ve been waiting for a Take That concert for 20 years and it finally happend! When Take That formed i was 11 years old and i used to be so inlove with Robbie!

Back then I didn’t even knew what mean to fancy someone! My sister was telling me that she remembers that I even put up a poster on the wall with him! I felt like a teenager while Robbie was singing by himself! I am so happy I bought the tickets! I am so happy I went to see him! And I am very happy that I got to share that with my sister! She loves Robbie as well – even though she start knowing him after he was sacked from Take That.

The whole thing was such an adventured. We had to queue everywhere! The queue before the gates was huge. I think they were at least 10000 only in front of us. And we were there in time. As soon as we sat in the queue more people came and in like 2 minutes we were unable to see the back of the queue!!!

As soon as we were in they were amazing queues for the toilets , bars and coffee! Wanted to drink a Pimms but when I saw the price of £6.50 I turn and bought some water!

They were so many “ladies” at the concert! I don’t want to upset anybody but….i can’t believe how rude can English woman can be when they are drunk or when they fight for a piece or glimpse to a hunk! Yeh! Me and my sister wanted to leave the crowd and go to the toilet. Can you believe they didn’t even want to let us pass to go at the back of the crowd?!?!?! What is that about?!? Let’s not say that when we had to go back to our place close to the stage we were called so many names! What a shame!!! Yeh those women ruined our evening a little bit! And one in particular! A big , fat , greasy hair and smelly woman! Oh my God! She was so rude. Me and my sister we were basically blocked behind her! Every time she bend down she was moving 1 inch! And the smell…..

The journey back home was so funny! Our feet were really sore! The streets near the Stadium were packed! Fortunately we managed to catch the trains home one after another so it was good! Who was running in Willesden train station in her bare feet to catch the train?!? ME!

After all it was fantastic and I don’t regret one bit for being there! If any of you are going in the next couple of days and you want to have the opportunity to handshake one of the boys hands sit as close as possible to the T! They are coming down of the stage and shake the hands with the fans I should say!

Congratulations Take That! It was an amazing concert or show should I say! You sang and you dance fantastic and I will never forget I was there!!!

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