Weird mum…

Last night…on the way home to my poorly daughter….travelling in a packed train…(oh how much I hate that!) a lady or mum should I say…with her two year old in a pushchair struggling to stand up really. She had this massive back pack and was standing in front of the doors… Well I should probably be sympathetic don’t I? But nobody could pass her and there was this massive space behind her on the aisle!!! So I asked if I can pass her and she gave me the look! And there she was just fidgeting by standing in front of her pushchair. I just can’t understand!!! I mean people asked her I she would like to sit down and she didn’t even answer!!! I guess she is just one of these mums that doesn’t want any help and she is completely oblivious to the world around her! I remember that when I used to go out by myself with Kara I would accept any help that was offered! And why not??!? But right now if I need to travel by train I would never get the pushchair with me??? Or maybe I would! But I would definitely not feel embarrassed for being with my baby or stubborn and not accept any help!
Later on when we passed the busiest train station ever – Clapham Junction – I sat down and she sat down as well. When she wanted to close the pushchair I offered to help but she gave me the look again! Why??? And then she sat down with the baby but dragged herself to the window seat and make the baby sit behind her on the same seat! Why! Well she was talking with the baby by saying we need to leave someone else to sit there! But nobody will sit next to them especially because the pushchair was in the way and nobody could’ve fit their feet in there. Someone said not to worry and get comfortable but she gave them the look! All this time the little baby girl was playing and laughing and looking around! She was such a lovely little girl! She must’ve been around two years old! But her mum…was just so miserable… she wouldn’t react to anything her little girl was doing…Sad…
She sat like that crowded all her journey…and it happened for her journey to be the same as mine! She got off the train as the same station as I did. I did offer again to help when she was trying to put up her pushchair but she gave me the look again! So I gave up! I wanted to scream and say: “Look woman I have a 2 year old at home and I know exactly how is like to travel by myself! And I accept when help is offered and when I need it! You are just too stupid to admit you need help!”
I was watching her getting off the train by herself because she refused the help of other people as well… I almost grabbed the pushchair from the other side but it was pointless! I just didn’t want to get the look or worse a scream or something!
Why? Why some mums are so miserable?!?! Why some mums act like that when they are out and about?!? If you are a mum and read this please don’t be embarrassed by the fact that you need help to fold your pushchair or because you need help getting off/on the bus/train/tube!!! Accept the help with a smile! I promise you it will make you feel better!!!

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