Binge Eating

  When i am upset or down i always turn to eating unfortunately… this is why i need to try and control this urge to eat especially because it affects my health!

I was on a diet some time ago and lost over 2 stones! Unfortunately i put more then 1 stone back on because i just eat for comfort! I admit! I feel comforted when i eat and this is my weakness!

My weight makes me feel even more down and depressed so really is just vicious circle from which i can’t seem to be able to come out by myself!

That is why pretty soon i am going to meet a dietitian and hopefully once and for all i will manage to put myself in that state of mind in which i can actually be a normal person and not eat myself to death!

In the mean time i would like to share with you a few ways with which you and me should be able to control the binge eating:
Banish binge foods from your environment. Don’t buy or let into your house whatever you’re prone to bingeing on — whether it’s cookies, chips, or ice cream. After all, you can’t eat what’s not there.
Decorate your fridge with images that motivate you. I actually need to print some of these photos yet and put them there!Put a picture with you at the worse you ever looked and one with someone really fit!
Call a friend. The next time you want to stuff your face, reach out for support and try talking through your feelings instead of anesthetizing them by bingeing.
Try taking up a hobby. Keep yourself occupied so that rather than medicating yourself with food, you’ll distract yourself with something productive.
Do something to screw up your binge. In other words, pamper yourself with something that’s positive rather than self-destructive. Get a mani-pedi. Take a relaxing bath. Go to the gym. There are many places to go and activities to take part in that’ll also lead you away from the temptation of food.



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