Bumpeez review

 Bumpeez  is now in shops and i actually spotted in a few! I am a bit late with this review but i hope that my thoughts will show you how fun this new product is! My daughter loved it along with her daddy of course!

Seeled in a colorfull plastic package is quite easy to just open it and start playing with a friend! It cost only£1.99 per pack and it is meant to be for kids aged 5-11.

Bumpeez are fun pocket money toys which consist of two parts: a chip and a removable silicon ring. When placed together they can be bounced against surfaces to play the coolest tricks and games! The rings come in different shapes and colours, some of which are more difficult to play with than others.

The goal is to collect all character chips with matching coloured rings, so why not start trading and swapping to collect all your favourite characters and be the envy of all your friends! When i was a kid i use to collect stamps but this looks a lot more interesting as you can actually play with them!
There are 100 different characters with individual personalities to collect and there are also extra special rare packs of Bumpeez, which contain Silver, Swirl and Golden Bumpeez. Every Golden Bumpee wins a prize!

You can now buy Bumpeez in toy shops like The Entertainer , ToysRus, WHSmith and even Amazon!

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