Everybody knows kow much i hate being ill! Being ill and stuck at Home it’s the worse! I know….i know…that everybody hates being Ill! It’s so annoying to be sick and not able to do anything! I’m at home since Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t even go out on my balcony and it is only like across the patio doors! All I’ve done is to drink lots of tea, Lemslip and have some soup! Plus sleep and lots of crap telly! Programs during the day are really crap! I know my words are not very nice…. My whole body is full with cold! Up to this morning I wasn’t able to bread properly, my throat it’s so sore I can barely talk or eat! And now I am coughing like mad as well! On top of that I have a horrible UTI! Yep! So at the moment whilst writing to you, I am sitting in my bed with a hot water bottle under my bum! This is definitely not how I hoped my week/day/weekend will go!
By the way…today is my wedding anniversary! There are 5 years since we got married! Wow the time past so fast! And all I can give my husband for our anniversary is a bloody cold! I have tried everything! lots of hot baths! Lots of Lemslip and UTI medicine but it looks like i will spend the rest of my weekend in bed too! How horrible! We planned to go camping this weekend but it will not happen! I am quite upset…but my hubby will be even more sad as he can’t properly celebrate with his wife! You know what I mean?!?
Feeling weak and tired so I should probably go to sleep now…….


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