Scooby-Doo New Toy

  I recently received a new Scooby-Doo toy to review. I think this is the easiest review i ever had to do as my baby daughter absolutely loved it! The toy is meant to be for kids age 3+ and it comes in a very colorfull pack – it’s name is Scooby-Doodle-Doo!
Please see a picture with the new toy below:
This toy is a god send to all those parents out there whose little one is a devotee of either Scooby Doo or just pens and drawing.
My daughter has never really heard of Scooby Doo but knows all there is to know about scrawling over walls, doors and everything that has a lovely pen loving surface. So once this toy landed into her hands she loved it. From the very first moment it came out of the wrapping she wanted to cuddle her dog and draw with her pens, but when we showed her it was fine to draw on the dog she went crazy. Needless to say poor old Scooby had different coloured paws a jazzed out body and very colourful face.
Then came the cool part, on Shaggy’s head is a light which is turned on by a small button on his back. Fun enough for any kid, sure. But pull off the boots and what do you know there’s another pen only this one doesn’t leave any marks on Scooby Doo, until that is you shine Shaggy’s light on it and suddenly everything becomes visible. In the hands of James Bond or Jason Bourne this is a powerful spy tool but give it to your little one and it’s like magic. Every day now for the past week there has been a moment in every day that has involved a secret scrawl on Scooby’s body and it still holds its magic for Kara.

Now once poor old Scoob is covered in pen the thing to do is clean it but for the fun loving parent this is also a great way to interact with your child. After all every child, you would hope, gets a bath, shower or at least a wash every night before bed. So when Kara gets a bath guess who else does? You got it, Scooby Doo does. Mummy or Daddy give Kara a bath and Kara gives Scooby Doo a bath. So it also gives your child a touch of hygiene education at bath time, teaching them how to wash hands/ paws, the belly and face. Kara loves this toy and every time she sees Scooby Doo on TV now she has to, as I’m sure your child will, she sits watching it with her beloved Scooby Doo in hand.

You can already buy it shops so please do so as your kids will love this toy!

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