Thomas the Tank Engine and Camping

My husband I and really enjoy camping! Before we had our lovely daughter we use to go camping quite often but since she was born we avoided camping until this year when she turn 2 years old.

We were quite scared to how she will react to the joys of camping like sleeping in a tent or being outside for 24 hours. The first time we went camping she was so tired that as soon as i lay her down on our blow up bed she fell asleep instantly! But in this post i would like to talk more about our second experience camping in the EcoCamp – Sustainability Centre and our day out at the Watercress Line with Thomas the Tank Engine.

As the good mother i like to think i am i always want to find something else to do during the weekend. Something interest that we could all enjoy – my daughter, my husband and I. The Watercress Line has an event that actually will finish this weekend Day Out with Thomas the Tank Engine. I thought it was a great opportunity for the 3 of us. For Kara to see Thomas and get advantage of all the activities they offer and for my husband and I to enjoy a bit of wind out time. And what can i say??? It was a real success! The weather was not very good last weekend-with short periods of showers alternated with sunny spells-but weather didn’t matter as we enjoy it a lot I must say! Here are a few pictures so you can get an idea:

Thomas the Tank Engine coming into the station

Mummy and Kara in the playing area at one of the stations(forgot to mention that there are 4 stops on the line)
Daddy and Kara on the train building Thomas from blocks
Daddy and Kara in one of the train stations drawing(this is the smallest)
Kara looking out through the train window
Mummy and Kara sharing a kiss

The place is quite close to London but we decided that our weekend will get even more interesting if we will take Kara camping again and this time to an Eco camping- with tipis and yurts, ecological showers and compost toilets and a place to put up a camping fire.(yeh i thought it will be a bit dangerous but Kara was really good and listen to mummy and daddy.
We had though a few dramas as well. As soon as we sat down to have a bite to it outside on the blanket it start raining so we had to run fast in our tent and havce our dinner there. We were afraid that it will rain all evening but we were lucky enough to stop in half an hour so we had quite a nice interesting evening sitting around the fire and talking with other campers. People at this camping site were really nice and chatty-our clothes stank badly when we got home but as long as you have a good washing machine that should not be a drama!

We kept Kara awake and in the end she fell asleep in her daddy’s arms . Thankfully she didn’t even wake up when we put her in her tiny sleeping bag so i really hoped that she will sleep all through the night! Well…that was my mistake…. Her daddy,for the first time was in charge with the packing and he packed only 5 nappies! Kara had 3 number 2’s just at the camping site and we were running low and decided to keep the 2 nappies for the next day and use the-i know you will probably laugh-swim nappy we had with us! Big mistake! I really didn’t know that swim nappies do not absorb as much as the normal nappies! God! I feel like such a bad mommy! So half way through the night, at exactly 2 am Kara woke up screaming! Bless her! She was so wet! I can’t even imagine how she managed to get wet on her top sleeves as well. She screamed so badly and i think she actually woke up the entire campsite! Because she was half asleep it was a struggle to change her into a good nappy and new clothes. I was terrified and though that she will never settle down! Thankfully her daddy worked his magic and fell asleep in his arms once again! Thank God! So this is a very valuable lesson! Do not ever use swim nappies for usual use. Use them only and only when you are taking your kid swimming!
All in all was a really nice weekend! The campsite was lovely even though it had compost toilets(quite stinky actually)! It was surrounded by trees and it was a breath of fresh air in comparison with all the very busy camping sites that have hundreds of tents and caravans and that are really noisy!
I think this campsite only had around 10 tents plus the tipis and yurts. So quite small i should say. Lovely and if you are ever in Hampshire and love camping i really recommend it!
But before i finish i would like to share a few more pictures from the camping site:

If you have any fun families days out and stories please add your post below.

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