The other day when I was reading the complains of one of the quite successful mummy bloggers in regards to other bloggers using her blog as promotion for their own blogs – the idea of this post sprung into my head.Why do I blog?

I don’t blog to advertise myself on other bloggers pages! I don’t blog for money or attention! I don’t blog to have I don’t know how many followers! I don’t blog because I want to be famous! I don’t blog because I want freebies from PR agencies!

I blog because I want to keep in contact with my family! I blog because I feel that sometimes writing here it’s therapy for my mild depression! I blog because I love reading the comments and advices from my readers-even if it’s a one of view! I blog because blogging gives the opportunity to find other interesting bloggers and reading them helps me go through every single day and help me relate with other mums and don’t feel so alone sometimes! Did I mention that I am a foreigner here in UK? It is really easy to feel lonely here when nobody speaks my language. My own daughter answers me in English even though I talk to her in Romanian! Understandable though…she is only two, her daddy is English and she spends 10 hours a day at nursery where everybody obviously speaks English. So yes sometimes I feel lonely and blogging is my refuge! So please don’t blame me if I post comments on well known blogs and do not blame me for trying to make myself some online pals.

I hope you will sometimes find something interesting to read here and I will always be telling the truth! I can definitely promise you that!

At the end, I do love blogging! And every single day i am happier for having this little place to confess!


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