What a lovely weekend!

Phew! We all had such a lovely weekend! Kara had a brilliant swimming lesson on Saturday and she didn’t cry a BIT! Oh well I forgot to mention that last week was her first big swimming class which means that she is by herself In the pool without mummy or daddy! Well she still has her teacher and 4 other toddlers…. Last week she screamed and kicked and had a proper tantrum!!! But this week she was SO GOOD!!! I was so proud! Yes I know MUMMY PROUD MOMENT! She was swimming so nicely and even her teacher hug her and congratulate her!
After such a moment we all drove to Peterborough to visit Kara’s best friend Megan! Well Megan is only 6 and a half month old but Kara loves her! She even named her baby doll Megan.
We all love visiting our friends in Peterborough! Is like a piece of home away from home! We feel home when we are there and relaxed!
We had a BBQ on Saturday and Kara loved the fact she could stay up late! And today a cooked a proper English Sunday Roast and a lovely crumble! Yummy! We ate so much we weren’t even hungry when we got home!
The worst part of the weekend was the journey home! Road was so busy it took us double the time to get home! Oh well…at least we had the chance to pass the Tower Bridge at night and see again the Tower of London! It looks so good in the dark! We were trying to show Kara how beautiful it is and we said to her: “Kara look sweetheart do you know what is this? Isn’t it beautiful?” and she said:” Wooow! There’s a bus!” Yes my beautiful 2 year old daughter was really more interested in buses that the silly old castle across the road! This is yes THE FUNNY MUMMY MOMENT this weekend!
But now my baby is in bed-it was a bit of a struggle but daddy handle it! We are now watching Doctor Who and dread the day of tomorrow! Proud and funny weekends are over for another 5 days!
See you soon and wish you a easy week!


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