Building our dream

      Not sure how to start this post… Some of you might know that we are planning to move in Romania at some point. At the moment we live in London. My husband is English but he loves Romania and my family so at the moment we are renovating a home next to my parents house. We are not sure when we are going to move here but we are sure that we want our daughter to grow up close to her grandparents-my parents. My husband father and his brothers and sisters live in Leeds so they are far away from us anyway. We always end up coming to visit Romania instead of going up North. One of the reasons as i said is the house but i feel ashamed to say that we didn’t visit my father in law at all since about 2 years ago. It is true he is old-83-but i feel that boogie should get to know him as she knows my parents. So for Christmas we promised we will go and visit him.

Anyway one of the reasons we are coming home so often is the fact that we need to take care of the house needs. We have electricians and builders that work to make the house our dream home. We spent quite a bit and we know that this will never be the dream house but it will be our HOME – even though at the moment it will only have one big bedroom for mummy and daddy; one small bedroom for boogie; a bathroom and an open plan kitchen-living room-diningroom…

We are planning however to build an extension to this part of the house- which will have two other bedrooms and a home cinema-this is my hubby biggest dream! It will take time and money however so we don’t think that the new building will go up in the next couple of years…especially because i am unsure of what will happen with my hubby work contract.

Another reason why we want to move close to my family is the fact that my mum is ill – she has MS so i am unsure on how she will feel in the years to come. I grow up to cherish the place i am coming from and the family and i want my daughter to feel the same.

In the future i will be putting pictures here as well to keep a track on the changes that are happening.

We are hoping for a happy future with our extended family close to ours in a home that even though it will not be the dream house-it will be our HOME.

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