Meeting Katrina

     Last week i was writing here that i am going to meet a therapist. Her name is Katrina and she is a life couch. I have to say that our meeting didn’t go as i was expecting. I thought it will be something like going to a psiholog and that we will only talk.I wasn’t at all like that.

First of all i need to tell you that she is a fantastic woman and that she is so lively and full of positive energy. She used a technique named “tapping” i think…Do not care very much about the name of it however. Really interesting is the way she make me feel after that.
She lay me on a bed and then used this technique of tapping and talking to me through the whole session. We talked about my negative feelings and about my depression. She make me realize that i am doing a lot of things for my family and others at work and not a lot for me as a person.

In life as women we all concentrate on everything that we not do instead of seeing how much we really do instead. This is why there are so many cases of depression – we ask too much from us.

The session took 1 and a half hours and after it i felt like a different person. Suddenly all my negative feelings went away and i couldn’t stop myself smiling. It’s been 8 days since my session and things are still good. I didn’t even had an argument with my husband since then and i didn’t feel angry either.
Now when i am fearing something i just look in my heart and the fear is transforming in enthusiasm. I feel blessed because i met her!
Before i was trying too much to please everybody and now i am trying to make myself heard instead. It is weird but fantastic at the same time.
Since i am on holiday i heard that there are going to be a lot of redundancies at work and i am one of the people evaluated in this process.  I feared that i might not have a job when i will go back to London..but that was only for a little bit! I now feel excited about the future. What else is mapped out for me  in my life? Maybe i am going to discover soon what i really love and having a 9-5 job might not be it. Whatever the life will give me i am waiting for it with open arms and excitement.

This is the most important thing that i learned: I will always transform any negative thought that i have in something positive!
Another thing is the fact that i stopped comfort eating. Hopefully this will help me lose the weight as well.

I hope this will inspire you and if you would like to learn more or try this tapping technique i can give you Katrina’s details.  There are more details online anyway.

As always i will keep you updated with anything else that happens in my life.

Be well!

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