Sunday Day Out

  Every week we are trying to go out and entertain as much as possible our little toddler. She usually gets bored quite quick so we are trying to do something different every week. It is very important however for the whole thing not to be very expensive. We can’t really afford to spend too much money.

Our Saturdays are usually busy with swimming classes for Kara,cooking and cleaning for mummy and shopping for daddy-so the day we can all go out and relax is Sunday.

So today we decided to go to Eddie Catz . The reason was the fact that this morning it rained and it wasn’t very fun for park or for any of the outside places we know. It was a good opportunity to claim our goodie bag that we got offered by London Mums Magazine. You should visit their website and claim you bag too!Kara fell in love with the Jojo Mama Bebe bunny!

As you can imagine the place was really busy. I guess everybody had the same idea..chuckle. It is not the first time we are visiting Eddie Catz Wimbledon but unfortunately it might be the last time?!?! I mean we really enjoy there last time but the place is not as well kept as before. You pay £3.75 for a child under 90 cm and 1£ for an adult. Dirty floor, rude staff(nobody is smiling there) and expensive food, older kids that run around the baby and toddler area without anybody noticing. Not the parents or the staff. A few times i though that some of the babies there were in danger. The place was in chaos. They were not suppose to run around like that are they?!?!
Maybe the staff is just overwhelmed by all the kids that are making the continuous noise! The tables were full of jackets and bags so you could hardly find a place to sit.
Anyway this is just not the place where you could go and just relax over a coup of coffee while your toddler can play with others in the playing area. You have to watch them as they can always get pushed by an older child. It is very big is true so your child has plenty to do but you better take your kid to the park and let them play in the mud!
Kara did enjoy it! I mean she couldn’t get enough of the place but by the end her socks and hands were black and her clothes almost trashed. She really enjoy the Disco area of Eddie Cats-even though her little feet were quite cold on the really cold floor that has no padding. I really think that it should have some! Kara enjoyed running and dancing over there and it was quite a surprise to hear a Romanian song over there as well – Dragostea din tei. It did make me feel nice.

So if the weather is no good and you don’t want your kids to trash out your home take them to Eddie Catz. But…make sure you feed your kids well and you don’t dressed them in their best clothes!!!

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