We love Baked Potatoes

Now is autumn and the leaves started to fall it is time for some yummy comfort food in my house.And we love confort food in our house!

One of the easiest ways to make everybody happy is to cook Baked Potatoes. The good thing about cooking them is the fact that they can be served with anythig

We love chilli our way

Or baked potatoes our way…

Or tuna with corn our way….

Daddy likes chilli, Kara likes baked beans and mummy loves this healthy option of tuna and corn.

However not everything goes how you think as tonight by beautiful daughter seems to want everything that was served on the table.

First she only had mummy’s take on baked beens topped with cheese of course…

But only a few minutes later she fancied mummy tuna so her plate got even fuller:

She didn’t resist having only mummy’s food on her plate so pretty soon she wanted a bit(or the full plate hahaha)of daddy’s food as well! Daddy weird enough was having baked potato and pasta&tuna! I know is weird isn’t it?
So here is it Kara having some of daddy’s food:

And of course she didn’t managed to eat everything but it was just funny the way she wanted everything that was on the table!

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