Weekend at Marble Hill House and Morden Park

As you all felt this last weekend was really HOT! So of course we didn’t spent the weekend at home!
We always go out anyway but this weekend we just had to go out somewhere! On Saturday we went to Morden Park

and Kara had lots of fun as you can see above!But sunday we went to visit a more glamourous place – Marble Hill House(and park).

Since about 3 years ago, my hubby and I joined English Heritage. So because we pay a yearly fee we get to visit all the English Heritage sites for free. As you can imagine we visited some fantastic places one of which is the Stonehenge. This place is fantastic-Marble Hill House I mean- and it’s good fun for kids and an interesting lesson of history for parents and older kids. You can visit the place only at certain times and only with a tour guide. That is fine as long as you have a patient toddler… The good thing about it is the fact that you can actually walk away and comeback if you need to. So if your kid gets inpatient you can always go outside for a little bit. The details shared by the tour guide are quite interesting and funny! I was fascinated! Unfortunately we were unable to take pictures inside the house so I can’t share any with you. You can find more details on these websites though – and

Enjoy the pictures below:

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  • BavarianSojourn

    Marble Hill used to be just up the road from me! We lived there for 15 years and do you know I never went inside! Great post! Thanks for submitting it into Loveallblogs Weekly Travel Showcase! Emma 🙂

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