2 year old-evaluation!!???

Well now..tomorrow I have a meeting with boogie’s key worker at nursery! This kind of meeting happens twice a year or so! The purpose is to discuss and evaluate boogie’s development. Last week I received this big RED folder that contains all my daughter’s information since her first day in nursery!

This folder contains pictures and commentaries about Boogie’s development. They analyse her personality and her creativity, her motor skills and they keep a track of how good she is with numeracy and problem solving etc.

Can you believe that we are actually talking about a 2 and half year old!?!?

Until now I found the meetings with boogie’s key worker quite funny because she was way too young to fell concerned about any of the above aspects. But the other week I read Cranky Monkeys blog and was very surprise to see the way English School looks at things. What I mean is that I am not sure if I am prepared for all there is to come. I’m not sure if I am prepared to have my baby analysed by teachers! I love my baby the way she is and I believe that she is way more intelligent than I use to be! I mean she is 2 and a half!
She can number up to 12 and that is not because we forced her! She just loves to count the steps in our building. Yes they are exactly 12 steps so this is why she knows how. I think I learn to number up to 10 when I was 6 years old. I have no idea how other two year old kids are and have no interest to see how others are! My daughter Is very good at puzzles and jigsaws! Last weekend she solved a puzzle of 30 pieces. I think it was made to be for kids age 3+ and she solved it all by herself without any help from mummy and daddy and it was brand new! I am proud she is smart at certain things!

Now reading the commentaries in this folder I see things that I like and things that I don’t like. For some reason I am getting a bit disappointed if certain points are not circled as not achieved! For example this step was not circled as achieved: “Are aware that some actions can hurt and harm others”. Should I bother or is she too young for that?!? She says “sorry” if I tell her that she hurt me by hitting me with her little feet while playing…so do I need to ask her for more?

On the other hand I am happy to see comments from her key worker that say:” Boogie displays tremendous creative skills. She draws , paint, sticks, glues very neatly with a lot of care and enthusiasm. She enjoys art and craft work.” or “She is a patient and caring child. She can work independently. She makes friends with all,and she listens and shares. She follows instructions and works with love. She just needs to build her confidence.”

I think all in all I have a bright and intelligent daughter and I am very proud to be her mummy!!!

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  • Here come the girls

    Children do get analysed but they should look at the whole child and not just what they can and can’t do. Don’t worry if they haven’t ticked something you know she can do, they might just not see it at nursery. You can always let them know if she has done something, but I wouldn’t worry at this stage.

    In this country all child care providers have to keep records to show what each child is achieving and prove they are helping theim achieve their targets. Whether this is good for the children is a debate.

    Anyway your daughter sounds wonderful and she is doing amazingly well.

    Thanks for writing what this is like from a parents perspective and for linking to the education showcase.

  • The Last Slayer

    When I went back to woek, my little boy went into nursery. He was there for 5 1/2 months before he had to come out (I started mat leave again and we couldn’t afford to keep him in. He had an “assessment” while he was there to see how he was doing and all of a sudden I was like you – I hadn’t been concerned before but thought maybe I ought to be concerned and pay close attention to what they said. Its a very strange feeling and does kind of make you question yourself as a mother.

    • Romanianmum

      I know. i now wonder what it will happen later if they are so analized right now. My boss has a 7 year old boy and he was telling me yesterday that his son had his first exams the other week? that is a bit too early i think

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