Christmas Fantastic Tableware

        I love Christmas! Do you love Christmas?

I love Christmas even more now because i am a mum and i have my own family now though!

Christmas always been my favorite family celebration! I grow up in quite a traditional orthodox family and Christmas in my parents house was always special! It still is now as well!

I remember that they always try to give us presents for Christmas even though sometimes they didn’t have a lot of money! So now i am a mum i am trying to do the same for my daughter!

With only 35 days to go to Christmas i am already thinking of it!

What presents should i buy? Where should we go for Christmas? What are we cooking for Christmas?

Are we going to have turkey or pork like it is romanian traditionally?

What can i do to make my house look more festive?

You see we live in one bedroom apartment and we dont have enough space for a big Christmas tree(i wish we had) but i am going to try to make it as beautiful as i can!

This is why i decided that i will use a lot of red when i will decorate Christmas dinner table!

Doesn’t look fantastic? I love it! 

Christmas is red isn’t it?

If you like the table decorations above you can find them on Next Website. in red, gold and silver!

Make your table festive as well as the tree!

I will probably only have a very small artificial Christmas tree as well.

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