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Ella’s Kitchen products always been at a great value in my family! Boogie enjoyed eating them and I was very happy that she did because I believe in their products and that mean that my baby will eat some vegetables. The fact that the vegetables and fruits were coming in a pouch was even better as It mean that my baby will get to eat good food on the go!
I did write about Ella’s Kitchen before but when I received an email from lovely Kate asking me to spread the word about their new collaboration with Rachel Stevens I was very excited!
Ella’s Kitchen teamed up with celebrity mum Rachel Stevens to record an album named “Tasty Tunes” to encourage little ones to eat healthily.

The songs are free for parents to download and sing along to via Ella’s Kitchen website To encourage parents to bring healthy food off the plate and into the playroom, baby food company Ella’s Kitchen has signed up singer and new mum, Rachel Stevens to create ‘Tasty Tunes’ – a FREE to download collection of families’ favourite nursery rhymes, with a new fruit and veg inspired twist. Tracks include new versions of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’, ‘Hokey-Cokey’, and ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’.

Rachel Stevens, mum of one, launched her album in a one-off gig just for toddlers at the Monkey Puzzle Nursery in Streatham – the kids loved the songs and playing with the fruit and vegetables! I enclosed a few pictures below that we’re sent to me by Kate, at Ella’s Kitchen.

Paul Lindley, Ella’s Dad and founder of Ella’s Kitchen, comments: “Ella’s Kitchen is passionate about helping babies and toddlers eat healthier food. With the worrying figure that less than one in five kids are eating their five-a-day, we partnered with the University of Reading to conduct research into children’s eating behaviour and created the Tasty Tunes collection with Rachel Stevens. We hope this initiative will encourage more kids to eat their veg, creating healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.”

The academic study, commissioned by baby and toddler food experts Ella’s Kitchen, explored the motivations behind healthy eating in toddlers aged 12 – 36 months on the back of the finding that only 16% of under-fives eat their recommended five-a-day. The new study found that toddlers who experienced new vegetables through sight, smell, sound and touch before tasting were more willing to eat them. Previous research has shown that children need to try a new or initially disliked food up to 15 times before liking it, but 80% of parents give up after just three or four attempts showing the need for new tactics to help parents persevere.
The research recommends using all the senses through stimulating play such as hearing stories, singing songs and hands on exploration in order to further encourage children to try new food. The activities were based on types of play that would commonly take place at home or in nursery and included: looking at the shape, size and colour of the food when it was cut open; touching, squeezing stroking, and smelling it when cooked; singing a song about the food using a recognisable tune; and hearing a story about the food. The results also showed that parents shouldn’t be afraid to introduce more unusual foods from a young age as the activities had the most positive impact on the toddlers when trying more adventurous foods such as sweet dried figs, sweet potato and broad beans.

So if this seems like a good idea for you go over Ella’s Kitchen Website and download these songs for FREE. My daughter adores the new versions and she even sings at the same time.

Would be lovely to hear what you think as well so please comment below if you feel like it!

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  • Claire Louise

    Lol remember I told you about Harley at the boots event when he was all over Rachel stevens? You didn’t know who she was lol. That’s her in your post lol. xx

    Ps your blog is allowing me to comment 🙂
    Looking forward to catching up at Butlins.x

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