iPads or not for toddlers????

iPad or not for my two year old? Before my birthday this year I didn’t have an iPad so this post would not exist if right now if I did not have an iPad! Ok then maybe I should try and stop repeating myself.

My dear hubby gave me an iPad as a present for our anniversary and birthday. It had to be a combined present as these iPads are bloody expensive! As soon as he gave it to me – even though I really wanted one – I said to him to take it back! I love my iPad now and I use it every evening! It’s so much easier to use than a laptop. And the one I have it’s bloody heavy and my legs are getting hot if I spend too long on it!

Anyway to comeback at the subject….is it ok for a 2 year old to use an iPad to play? I let my daughter play on the iPad and to watch cartoons sometimes… I must say she watches cartoon on the iPad when we go on a road trip – it just keeps her busy. You can imagine how bored she can get after spending 5 hours in the car on the way to Leeds. We do stop from toilet and shopping breaks though…

The things she plays on the iPad are generally jigsaws and puzzles. Some of them are on my iPhone as well so she use to use them before. Everybody that knows Kara knows that she loves puzzles! She is making proper puzzles but she is doing application puzzles as well. It’s just amazing how fast that little finger of hers moves on the screen! And I think it actually develops her intelligence…

But…when I read such articles online I get second thoughts…
The Gazette and ZDnet
Hm…do I really bribe my daughter with the iPad? No! She is demanding it to play puzzles on it! I might be wrong but I am quite proud when she succeeds to complete them with no help! And that happens 90% of the time! Because I have an iPad and because I let her use it…my daughter doesn’t spend enough time outside playing? Well that doesn’t happen either! Every Saturday we take her swimming in the morning and park in the afternoon! Every Sunday we go for a trip out in the town, or to a farm or to some English Heritage place! She is only 2 and a half but she is travelling everywhere. Sometimes hubby and I wonder: why do we bother going out so much? We should take her out to the park and swimming and don’t spend too much money on other things! She will not remember when she will grow up as she is only 2 and a half?!? Maybe I am nuts but I think she will..and if not she will see the pictures later and she would love the fact that her parents took her out!

So yes I think that the fact I let my daughter watch some cartoons and make puzzles on my iPad will not harm her! As long as the balance between physical activities and iPad is kept there not harm!!!

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  • Kirsty

    We have an iPad and my son has always played on it. He’s not long turned 3. His little brother plays a couple of things too, there’s a Xylophone app that he loves. I think the key to these things is balance – as long as they’re getting a good level of physical activity too then it’s fine.

  • Rollercoaster Mum

    My OH won an Ipad last year and the girls love playing on it occasionally but they very very rarely use the computer (I’m always on it!!)We don’t have an Xbox or Wii or anything like that and they often scooter or cycle to school so I see no harm in it. I wouldn’t buy them there own (as I have seen people suggest) though as they are much too young.

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