Superstitions…should we just laugh or should we follow?!?!? It’s all up to you…
In Romania superstition are religiously followed by older people grandmothers and grandfathers.
Here is a list of superstitions transmitted from generation by generation in the Romanian tradition:
When a black cat crosses your path, you must take three steps forward and three steps backward before continuing.
When your horse is sick you should fill a bucket with water, drop a lit match into it, and give it to the animal to drink after family members have each drunk a glass.
Sitting on concrete or the ground will make you sterile.
Bathing with cold water can give you infections (especially pertains to women washing their genitals).
For children, placing a postcard or an image of a destination inside a backpack for a few moments with the zipper shut brings good fortune that he or she will eventually visit that place.
The young unmarried girls write their names on the sole of the bride’s shoes; the one whose name isn’t effaced will be the next to get married
The bride shouldn’t wear sandals because her luck will escape through her toes
The bride should not change her shoes during the wedding ceremony or party because she will also change her husband for another one
You should not give cutlery as a present to the newlyweds because these bring them sorrow and quarrels.
If you’re unmarried, you should never eat in the corner of the table because you will never get married
If you’re sewing something you’re dressed with, you should keep a string in your mouth so that you don’t sew your mind as well (that is, you become stupid)
You shouldn’t return once you’re leaving from or to somewhere because you will have bad luck
Those who kiss and hug over a threshold will be separating soon
If you spill your coffee it means you will receive money from somewhere
If you spill salt it means you will quarrel with someone
It is bad luck if if Your right hand is itchy (it means that you will have to give money to someone soon; if you scratch it or if you put it in your pocket you can send away the bad luck);
It is bad luck if You cut your hand nails on Sunday;
It is bad luck if Your left eye suddenly stirs (it means that you will soon get disappointed by someone or something)
It is bad luck if You leave your purse or back on the floor.
It is good luck if You get as a present a new pair of gloves;
It is good luck if You carry a coin in your pocket;
It is good luck if Your name has 7 letters;
It is good luck if You’re the seventh child in the family

Now if you are a Romanian and you read this you already know most of them! If I missed anything please let me know!If you are not Romanian I would love to read your superstitions and see if any of the above match with the ones you have!Be careful and watch out for the black cat!I always follow this superstition!

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