What is normal?!?!

While reading Paulo Coelho’s book “The winner stands alone” I came up with the idea of writing this post.

Do you consider yourself a normal person? If you do what make you NORMAL in your eyes? What is normal for one can be not normal for someone else… The things that make me normal make me feel human in one or another.

According to the dictionary NORMAL is “the usual, the average”. This adjective my upset some…but I think of myself a NORMAL person.

So here is me sharing with you the things that make me (feel) NORMAL:

– I wake up every morning to the sound of my alarm clock/phone;

– I work 9-5 and I have an office job;

– I travel to work by tube,bus or train – depends on the day and it takes me around an hour to get there and another hour back;

– I got married first and then I had a child;

– I have family – mum, father and daughter;

– I suffer of PND- even though i am recovering slowly;

– I don’t have a cleaner that helps me around the house-I can’t afford it and the place I live in is way to small to require one;

– Trying to lose weight all the time but failing badly every time;

– I weigh myself every morning and I get depressed every morning because of it;

– I believe that other people are always better than me – more successful ,better looking , more capable, richer, more intelligent;

– I never laugh to loud in a restaurant as I fear that people will look at me;

– I hate the crowds – I grow up in a small city;

– I watch Tv every night and always the same programs;

– I love cooking and eating at the same table with my family at least once a week – usually on Sunday’s;

– I make love to my husband in average 4-5 times a month;

– going out for dinner or for a coffee as now I am a mum and can’t to late nights or get drunk;

– going shopping every Saturday as there is no time in any other day;

And I think that’s it for now…

If you read this post I would love to hear back from you and if you would like to write a post about what makes you normal please let me know and I will come and check it out on your blog if you have one.

Lots of love,

PS: Now because I want to make you laugh watch the below video with Ozzy describing what is NORMAL. (I hope is not interpreted as advert because I just found it on YouTube)



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