Black Dog Tribe my Contribution

This week I was remembered once more why I started blogging in the first place and why I love the world of mummy bloggers so much!

The mummy bloggers community is really nice and there’s a real support between us. I feel like we are online friends. One of these wonderful ladies is Mammasaurus.

She is supporting the Black Dog Tribe – an organisation(I hope I am choosing the right word) that wants to bring awareness on mental illness. Mental illness can mean anything from anxiety, depression to bipolar.

I was diagnosed with “postnatal depression” around 2 and a half years ago and was given antidepressants. After taking them for a bit more than a year I gave up. I just couldn’t feel anything anymore and didn’t enjoy my life while on antidepressants. So now I’m not taking them…it’s been a struggle but I think I might be getting better… To tell you the truth I have ups and downs but this is how life for a person that suffers of mental illness is. I have moments when I feel down and just want to go for a walk and never comeback and moments when…I’m really angry…I have moments when I am way too happy. I suspect that I might be bipolar but…this is just what I believe from what I read. This is still to be diagnosed by a doctor….

Mammasaurus is making/editing a Festive support video and I am submitting the picture below-strangely enough Mammasaurus took this picture last weekend.

If you have a story or if you suffer of mental illness you can link your story on Mammasaurus blog.

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