Boeuf Salad

This salad is tasty and can be found in the Romanian houses all the way through the winter. It is served usually as a starter and to me is one of the dishes that reminds me of Christmas! However it is quite refreshing so you can always cook it for the summer.
For this recipe you will need to bold the below root vegetables:
– potato – whole in its skin;
– carrot;
– parsnip;
Boil until they are really well cooked but not too much. When finished empty the water from the pan and leave it to cool. As you can see I didn’t put any quantities because it matters a lot how much salad you want. If you just want to give it a try just put one of each. The potato will have to be a bit bigger though as it is the main ingredient.
For a vegetarian version you can add boiled peas like a i did but if you wish you can add boiled chicken.
When the root vegetables are cool cut them in small squares. Cut them as small or as big as you like. Put all this veg into a big bowl. On top add the peas if you want to add it.
Now it is time for the pickled ingredients: cucumber and red pepper. You can buy these from a Polish Shop or from the east European section from any of the big supermarkets. The right pickled pepper is harder to find though…make sure it is not the roasted pepper. Cut these into very small squares too. Before putting them on top of the other vegetables make sure you squeeze them so all the juice comes out.
Well now do you think you are done? You can mix them all carefully making sure that your veg are not getting broken too much though…
To complete this salad you need to add mayonnaise a a dollop of mustard. I like making my own mayonnaise but you can use shop bought one. However you can’t beat the home made mayonnaise! I am not going to write it down here as I am sure you all know how to do it! Add salt and a bit of pepper and mix all together.
This is my take on SALATA DE BOEUF as my mum and my grandma use to do it. However for an exact recipe you can visit this lovely lady blog Home cooking in Montana.

See below a picture with my salad:

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