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Lovely Sunday with P&O Ferries

Thanks to my lovely friend Claire that posts at A boy with Asperger’s I was very lucky to be invited to shop on one of the fantastic ferries from P&O Ferries. The travel on board of the ferry was free which left more money for Christmas shopping!

Claire and I departed to Dover port very early morning on Sunday. It was a very fun journey on board of National Express coach. So what two ladies will do for 3 hours on a coach? Well we chat all the way to Dover and if that wasn’t enough when we got to Dover-quite early I will say-we chat some more over a cup of coffee.

My dad use to be a sailor so sunday wasn’t the first time for me in a port. But oh my God! Dover port is quite big and the ship/ferry is even bigger! You can see some pictures below. The boat was very big and I thought we(myself and Claire) will not have any problems and we will not be sea sick! But I was so…wrong! As soon as the boat started to move faster I felt like I was drunk! We were both outside for a quick cig and to take some pictures with the famous Dover White Cliffs! I felt so funny walking in circles and Claire laughed lots!
I only felt better when I sat down in the Club Lounge and had a nice cup of tea and a chat! That felt so good! I was only able to get up and walk around again when the ferry stopped at Calais. As Claire already wrote in her post we were on a round trip. On the way back from Calais to Dover we shopped in the P&O Shopping area. Lovely offers – perfume, jeweller, alcohol, cigarettes and lots and lots of toys all very reasonable price! So all in all is worth going on a round trip with a couple of friends and enjoy a couple of hours of shopping and a glass of champain in the lounge area! If you fancy a latte you can buy yourself one as well from Costa Cafe.

P&O ferries just launched their Christmas stocking filler game on Facebook giving people the chance to win over £600 worth of goodies from their on board shops. Why not have a go and their competition? Play the stock filler game on their FACEBOOK !!!

My camera is not as performant as Claire’s photo camera so my pictures are not as lovely as hers but admire mine as well below:

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