Our Christmas on the road…

I’m still in bed..today the 29th of December! Its almost 12 o’clock and I still didn’t brush my teeth. I’m sipping a Lemsip that my hubby brought to me. It had a funny taste however. I think it was strawberry or something…I am used with lemon one. I started with a nasty cold yesterday.

Anyway I am feeling sorry for myself instead of enjoying my time in bed. My break I should say. We are up north,in Dales at my sister-in-law so this gives me the opportunity to relax. My daughter loves it here and so is my husband. I however miss my bed! I want to be home in my tiny London (rented) apartment and just relax and watch some crapy tv! The fact that I’m sick makes me want to go home even more! Oh well…I never do what I want it seems! Never! I always do what I am expected and even I complain somehow my words seem to pass my husband and just disconsider (is that a word?) everything I say!

We’ve been away from home since the 23rd of January. We spent our time visiting hubby’s family, our family. We spent the first to nights here in Bellerby. Beautiful little village. They don’t even have a shop here but they have a pub called Crossed Keys. My SIL and her hubby spend here quite a lot of their time as this is their only place of entertainment. After spending two lovely days here we drove to Armley, Leeds to spend Christmas day with my father In law and one of Adrian’s brothers and his family. We had a great time I can’t lie but all this travelling started to get to me already. Adrian’s dad is a bit ill so it was nice to see him feeling a bit better than last time. A bit too much too drink that night though…

Boxing day was spent dinning at another SIL house where another BIL in law and his family were invited. It was a nice relaxing dinner.
My hubby has two brothers and two sisters so quite a big family. So no matter how much I love to see them all after a while all is a bit too much and tiring for the depressive me!
The two nights we spent in Leeds were at the Jury’s In in Leeds. The hotel is quite in the centre so we loved that. The hotel room had lovely views and was quite cheap. At only 39£/night with breakfast included was a delight. Staff was absolutely lovely and the problems with the heating were fixed very fast! So we will definitely stay there again!

On the evening of the 26th of December we drove back to Dales to spend some more time with I say,my hubby’s favorite sister, and her family. My sister in law and her family are really lay back so we always have a lovely time here! Besides my problem with my crown falling off and my cold all is well.

But because initially we were suppose to drive back to London and spend a couple of days there and the go and visit one of my Romanian friends I am a bit puzzled. I feel like we should just go home and stay there. I relax here but really the real relaxation for me is when I am in my own bed at home watching ER!
Now I have no idea if we are going to drive tomorrow to London or to go and see my friend in Peterborough. I feel like I just need to be home! Even that will mean that we will spend New Year at home just the three of us! I think this is what we really need!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! And I Wish you all a wonderful new year 2012!
Hope I wasn’t very boring…my fever is affecting my brain!

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