Aubergine spread

This Aubergine spread – in Romanian Zacusca de vinete – is cooked in big quantities at the end of the summer. I remember that my grandmother use to make around 20-30 jars to last us all the way through the winter. That was because it was a bit more difficult to find fresh aubergines,tomatoes and peppers through the winter.
These days it is a lot easier so I just buy a couple of aubergines and grill them.

So for this spread you will need the below ingredients:
2 aubergines
3 peppers – red,yellow and green
1 tin chopped tomatoes
2 large onions
1 clove of garlic

Firstly chopped the onion and garlic finely and put it to fry in a big frying pan along with the oil. Make sure it is enough old to cover the onion and not to burn it.
In the meantime grill the aubergines and the peppers. If you don’t feel like doing it you can always buy them already done in Sainsbury’s. I think is the Italian brand where he sauces are.


When all blackened and and soft take them off the grill and peel as the Aubergine above and peppers below. Let them cool and then cut finely:
When you finish cutting the Aubergine and the peppers add them on the top of the softened onion and garlic.
Mix all in with a wooden spoon and then add the chopped tomatoes and the bay leaf.
Cover with a lead and let it boil for about 10 minutes. At the end condiment with salt and pepper and all is ready!
If you wish when all is chilled you could take the bay leaf out and then use a mixer to make it as a paste. We like this dish as it comes though. It is better chunkier as you can taste the vegetables better. The spread works best on toasted bread.
So here is the end result:

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