Do you know the song “Better” sang by Boyzone? I love the song! I think that it describes very well the relationship that my husband and I have right now.
The fall in love time is long past-around 5-6 years ago it was a different deal. We didn’t have kids or responsibilities. I was only 24 years old,I had a job that was paying my bills and that’s about it. We were together but unsure of how our future will look like. And we didn’t worry too much either. He was on a break living in a foreign country with his mates. I was young and aspiring to a fulfilling career in human resources.
Soon I realised that my life and career wouldn’t mean a lot if I had to spend my life without him.
He had to go back to his country and work so then we realised that living apart didn’t work we had to be together.
We worked on that 😉 soon enough we got married and i moved in with him in London. I never thought that I will ever gave up myself for a man! But I did and I don’t regret it.
We’ve now been married 5 years and have a beautiful and smart daughter that makes us smile every day.
Life is not always perfect – hence my postnatal depression – but in some ways is better. We know each other very well. We know what to aspect from each other and even we have our misunderstandings and fights, we love each other more. It’s better! I love the fact that whenever I’m sad or happy I have my husband there to share it. I’m happy that I sacrificed my so said career in human resources for the life I have now.
We might not have as much as other couples(material things i mean) but we are happy. And everyday we are better.
Our love has changed…but it feels that it change in better. We make things better for each other and every day feels better because we gave someone we love to share it with.

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