Chicken roast and rice a la slow cooker

We all like roasted chicken don’t we? Yes I love it too! But when you are trying to lose weight and be healthy a roasted chicken in the oven might not be helpful.
So in my way to try and cook healthy and quickly prepare without having to be at home is always to turn to my slow cooker. It is true even if I bought it about 5 years ago I didn’t really cooked enough using the slow cooker.
So when hubby comeback home from Sainsbury with a chicken I thought I should use my slow cooker to roast it.
Preparing it didn’t take very long.
All I had to do is take the package off,give the chicken a wash and then put it in the slow cooker.
Add a cup of water and a bit of stock powder,pepper and salt.
Then I covered it, put it on high and left it on HIGH for 4 hours.
In the meantime my family and I went to the park with hubby and boogie.
Now I’m going to apologise as I don’t have a picture with the full roasted chicken because hubby and I went all excited and started pinching on it!

Chicken was not very crispy but…the meat was actually falling from the bone! And when you cooking it in the slow cooker I can guarantee that chicken will not be dry! It is actually very juicy!
When back from the park I took out the chicken and replace it with a cup of rice. You see the juicy left in the pan is very good for cooking a fluffy rice in it.
The rice only took about 45 minutes on high as the pan was very hot!
Such an incredible taste! My daughter loves rice so it was a winner!

Try it and save yourself some time and money!

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