My boogie makes me laugh!!!

Sometimes i can’t believe how fast the time is passing. My daughter is almost 3 years old and every day she makes me laugh and cringe. I love her to bits but her tantrums are sometimes out of proportion.

However she has moments when she just makes us laugh.

You see she loves being centre of attention! She is like a little “diva”!

Seriously i have no idea where she takes that from. I am very practical when it comes to clothing and 90% of the year i don’t bother putting make up on. But she is my opposite. She loves dressesing up and shiny shoes! And she likes to talk a lot! When my hubby and I talk she wants to say something as well. Of course we let her. However the other night we were discussing something quite important and to attract our attention she said to me:

“Mrs…can you please show me this? Mrs…”

Where did she hear that and why is she calling me Mrs? We start laughing and she said it again smilling:


Obviously she heard my husband calling me Mrs sometimes and now she was repeating it.

So funny! Of course we then said we will discuss whatever we had too later that evening after boogie will go to bed.

Do you think that is wrong? To just give your fully attention to your child when they require even that will mean to stop your chat or phone conversation?

Hm..i wonder if that means we spoil her to much!

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