On depression

The bad thing about depression is that most of the time you feel like a failure.
Your child has a tantrum you feel like a failure. Your child wets himself you feel like a failure. Your husband annoys you and again you feel like a failure.
I talk about myself now and I’m not sure if it’s the same for you. Every day and every single thing that I am trying to do feels like a struggle. At the end of the day I feel really tired and like a failure because it feels like I didn’t accomplish anything.

But every time I am trying to remember that

“There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.”
Tom Krause


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  • Coombe Mill

    Oh Hun you really are hard on yourself! I think everyday I get through with the kids not having hurt themselves badly and the biz doing OK is a good day. Life is full of set backs, but so long as the important things stay in place you are doing a great job!

  • Adriana

    OOOOH! Otilia! The lady above is right! U need to watch a comedy! Or Mamma Mia, have U seen it? Stela Popescu..(naf!) o to listen to: o manea (HA!naf & more depressing) mmmm, let me think… I’ll come back later on this!
    Tomorrow is another day! I think is time for a change! A challenge! What do you think?

  • Older Single Mum

    We all give ourselves a hard time, I think. I guess it’s a question of degree. I sometimes play a game that if I were my Best Friend, what would I say to me? It’s amazing how much kindness you can find within yourself for someone else – so please do try it for yourself and let me know how you get on! Best X

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